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Our company was created in 2004 in New York. Its founder, Lesya Kalynska, is an award-winning director, writer and producer. Born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine, Kalynska currently lives and works in New York City. She received her MFA in film directing and writing from the Department of Film and Television at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Other well-known NYU graduates include such famous film directors as: Martin Luciano Scorsese, Spike Lee, Oliver Stone, Jim Jarmusch, Todd Solondz and Ang Lee. While a student at NYU, Kalynska wrote, directed and produced several short films. Additionally, she was nominated for and won several prizes at many international film festivals, which included the prestigious Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals.

In 2009 Yuri Petrenko officially joined the company, although he had actually been working with Pomegranate Studios since it was originally founded. Petrenko has significant experience founding other organizations and effectively leading several enterprises to top-ranking positions in Ukraine in the financial, informational technologies and Internet media spheres. His responsibilities within Pomegranate Studios include: attracting investors, organizing partner relations, and dealing with production and distribution issues.

The objective of Pomegranate Studios Company is to combine the best achievements of American and European cinema in order to produce narrative films and documentaries that bring together elements from both American and Ukrainian culture. We are eager to work with both the most famous international film companies and also with gifted youth from both continents. In addition, we intend to develop international partnerships in the film industry, particularly in the spheres of co-production and distribution, and are open to communication and cooperation.

Currently, Pomegranate Studios is engaged in several international film projects. Among them is the production of the feature film "Halya High-and-Mighty," which is based on a screenplay by the famous Ukrainian writer and painter Les Podervyansky, and the feature documentary "In the Land of the Lost Crusaders," which is being produced in cooperation with GFM Studio (Republic of Georgia). This film reveals the mystery of the lost world of some of the earth's last warriors who are engaged in a unique and unknown martial art form known as "Chra-chriloba".

Pomegranate Studios Company cooperates with highly qualified professionals of Eastern Europe and America who include: writer and artist Les Podervyansky (Ukraine), production designer and artist Sergey Yakutovych (Ukraine), cinematographer Serhij Mykhalchuk (Ukraine), director Taras Tkachenko (Ukraine), screen writer and producer Maria Gangenko (Ukraine), director and cinematographer Michael Godder (USA), director Joseph Saito (USA), producer Set Adam Cohen (USA), cinematographer Lyle Vincent (USA), screen writer and artist Nikoloz Abazadze (USA), actor Kahi Kavsadze (Georgia), director Giorgi Kharebava (Georgia), director Levan Koguashvili (Georgia), and others (see "People" section).


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